Payment Considerations

Insurance Reimbursement

Some insurance benefits can be used as reimbursement for therapy. Please call prior to your first appointment to clarify whether your insurance coverage can be used.

It is the client’s responsibility to clarify the extent of benefit coverage with their insurance provider.

Co-pays are due at each appointment.

Fee for Service 

I am also a  fee for service provider. Please read the following information regarding how this may be advantageous for you.

Privacy Advantages

Many people are choosing not to use their insurance benefits for therapy/mental health services out of concern for their privacy. It is important to know that submitting a claim to an insurance company gives them access to your records. It could be that an insurance company will require more information about your situation than you may be comfortable disclosing.

In addition, insurance companies require clients to be given a mental health diagnosis in order to process payment for services. It is important to know that a mental health diagnosis becomes a part of your permanent health care record.

The only way to know that your information will remain private is to avoid involving a third party payor. Many people prefer to pay directly, as is the situation with a fee for service provider who does not report to insurance companies.

Further Considerations

  1. Other Payment Resources
    Your payment may be reimbursable through Out-of-Network insurance benefits if you do choose to use insurance. Other payment resources may include a Health Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or a Health Savings Account (HSA). Please carefully verify the details of your plan to determine reimbursement requirements. You will be given a receipt that you can then submit to your resource for payment.
  2. High Deductible
    Many insurance policies have such a high deductible that you may be paying out of pocket for services with any chosen provider.
  3. High Co-pays
    Many insurance companies are requiring higher co-pays from the client. This is a cost to you when using insurance.
  4. Lack of Insurance Coverage for Couple/Family Therapy
    Many insurance plans do not cover couple/family therapy. If these services are covered, one member of the group will need to receive a mental health diagnosis in order for insurance to reimburse for services.
  5. Management of Care
    The number of sessions available to you will not be determined by an insurance company.

How Fee for Service Payment is Received

Payment is received at the time of service and can be made in the form of cash, check, or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). Please note that there is a $45.00 service fee for returned checks in addition to what your bank may charge you. Payments made by check or credit card will result in identifying information appearing on your statements.

Canceled, Missed, or Late Appointments

Clients who do not come for scheduled therapy appointments and have not given a 24-hour advance notice will be charged the full cost of the session. This payment is due prior to the next session. Clients who are late to schedule appointments will be charged for the entire session. I understand that unexpected events come up. Please let me know in advance so that others have opportunity to adjust accordingly.