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You may have arrived at this site because you or someone you know has experienced a sense of dissatisfaction about how things are going in life. Perhaps you wonder if anyone out there will ever hear—really hear—what you are trying to say. Do you wonder if you are slowly disappearing in your own life because of so many demands and stresses? Maybe the situation has brought a sense of painful loneliness, even isolation, because of not being understood. The one thing that I would like you to know right now is that you are not alone in these experiences!

Your Story Matters

In addition, I would like you to know that I thoroughly enjoy the work that I do with individuals, couples, and families! Attentively listening to each story is a privilege that I hold with deep respect. It is my experience and belief that each person has a story worth telling and that each story matters—not only to you, but to others as well—for in the telling and in the hearing, both the speaker and the listener are given the opportunity to be changed. It is here that we discover fresh understandings and find ways of going forward in our lives. In doing this, we often experience relief and reclaim hope. Your story matters. Yes, it does!

Relationship Matters

The stories I hear are most often about relationship matters: parent-child, couple, extended family, friendship, or school/work relationships. All of us, at every age, want to be heard, understood, and accepted in our relationships. And we have a very real need to belong. When this doesn't happen as we hope it will, we may come face to face with disappointment, stress, frustration, alienation, pain, trauma, grief. Having someone witness these difficult chapters in our lives can be extremely helpful. It isn't the best course of action to wait things out, wishing and hoping for change, to "go it alone" or to just "pull yourself up by the bootstraps". All of us need a little help at one time or another. It's part of being human.

The client-therapist relationship matters. Researchers have identified this relationship to be the single most important factor in effective therapy. It is important that you are comfortable, that you sense compassionate rapport, and that you feel that you have found a safe place where your story—your thoughts, perspectives, hopes and dreams—can be recovered and heard.

Approach Matters

A systemic view of problems is used. This means that the context of problems is considered in working toward effective resolutions. Read more about this relational approach.

Your Action Matters

The first step—often the hardest step—is to pick up the phone or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.

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